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Mentor In: Seafood

Why I want to be mentor: Because I have a great deal of knowledge pertaining to shellfish and seafood preparation.

Lesson Learned: How to shuck any shellfish, how to prepare lobster in a million delicious ways, How to prepare seafood without drying it out. How to prepare any seafood,

Tip: DO NOT BUY LOBSTERS FROM A TANK! They are kept for weeks starving away and sitting in dirty water. You are better off ordering live lobsters to your home


Mentor In: Seafood

Why I want to be mentor: That\'s what I do. I help mentor and guide adults and children through the kitchen to learn how to cook or hone their culinary skills. Preparing seafood, (salmon, sea bass, snapper, etc) has always been one of my passions. Many people have a fear of cooking fish. I will teach you just how simple it is along with any other area of cooking you would like help with.

Lesson Learned: Relax and enjoy yourself in the kitchen. Anyone can be a great cook. It just takes patience. Take the time to read your recipes in full and gather all your ingredients before cooking. Having done all that you\'re sure to be successful. Remember! If you\'re baking a cake and it falls, then call it a torte. You\'re the only one that will know it didn\'t turn out the way it should have. So long as the ingredients are the best you could find, your dish will taste great.

Tip: Mise en Place - have all ingredients in place (all prep work done) prior to cooking.