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Los Angeles, CA

Mentor In: Smoothie, Ganache

Why I want to be mentor: I don't consider myself an expert, but I've made enough smoothies in my life to offer some assistance to those who want to explore smoothie making.

Lesson Learned: Blenders expand liquids when they run.. the air makes the process out of control if you fill the blender up too much.

Tip: Don't be afraid to add things like flax seed, chocolate chips, coconut or whatever flavors you like.


Red Hook, NY 12571

Mentor In: Cake, Smoothie

Why I want to be mentor:

Lesson Learned: NONE

Tip: none



Mentor In: Smoothie

Why I want to be mentor: Sharing a recipe is half of the pleasure I think!

Lesson Learned: Take care that the lid is fully \"blocked\", if it is not the case, your blender will not start! Fruits cover the need for sugar, so no need to add (too much) sugar

Tip: Put the liquif first (milk or yaourt), and then the fruits (or vegetables) sliced.


Mentor In: Smoothie, Dog Food, Pressure Cooker, Cookies, Cocktail

Why I want to be mentor: Smoothies in my diet have really helped me maintain and lose weight.

Lesson Learned: Soy milk or almond milk is healthy alternative to using regular milk in your smoothies.

Tip: add part of a pack of your favorite instant pudding to your smoothies for a richer flavor.