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Memphis, TN

Mentor In: Soup

Why I want to be mentor: I enjoy making and eating soups all the time - for work, for friends, for family and for clients. I seem to have an innate skill for just the right blend and know what to do for texture. Whether clarifying or rough chopping, soups are a huge part of my daily life.

Lesson Learned: I\'ve learned that EVERYONE has something we can learn. It may be unconventional, but it\'s value is immense.

Tip: Soup too salty? Add a drop of balsamic vinegar and taste. You might need a few drops, but the saltiness will melt away.


Los Angeles, CA

Mentor In: Soup, Bath/Beauty, Beef, Fruit Bread

Why I want to be mentor: Its always important to share the lessons you've learned!!

Lesson Learned: Really burnt soup can't be saved.

Tip: Soup is a great way to use up left overs! We had a turkey dinner special, and had left over mashed potatoes and stuffing. The resulting Turkey soup was heavenly!


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