Found 2 Mentors.


Birmingham, AL

Mentor In: Spicy

Why I want to be mentor: For people who love spicy ethnic food, there\'s an ingredient learning curve that can be expensive. I know some short cuts and cheap cuts.

Lesson Learned: Chili peppers are unpredictable. Still learning, but yearning to share. \r\nHave learned how to shop for ethnic ingredients and how to work with them. If I don\'t know something, I know where to find out about it and where to buy it.

Tip: Only buy fish sauce that comes in glass bottles.


Los Angeles, CA

Mentor In: Spicy

Why I want to be mentor: I like discovering new flavors and meeting people who just as passionate as cooking as me.

Lesson Learned: Hot in different languages means different things.. just like hot to one person means something completely different to another.

Tip: continued from above: then fold the paper in half and slide the excess spice back into the bottle.