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Mentor In: Tea

Why I want to be mentor: I have dreamed of opening a Tea Room, but since that won\'t happen for a while, I would like to help you have the same type of experience in your own home.

Lesson Learned: I learned that a three tiered plate holder is never large enough for all the goodies that I like to prepare.

Tip: You can make tea sandwiches ahead, cover with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap till serving.


Toronto, Ontario

Mentor In: Tea

Why I want to be mentor: I know quite a bit about tea. An un-natural amount so why not share what I know? I am not a tea-expert but I have learned from many self-proclaimed tea-experts, I am just not pretentious enough to claim that I am one. But I know a lot, so why not share?

Lesson Learned: Tea is like wine, but better. Better how? Well, less calories and you can drink it anytime. When I say it\'s like wine, I mean that you can pair different teas with different meals and really enhance the flavour of both the tea and the meal. It\'s fabulous and wonderful.

Tip: Tea doesn't go stail or spoil but it does loose its flavour gradually overtime.


Clearfield, UT

Mentor In: Tea, Tofu

Why I want to be mentor:

Lesson Learned: The likes of Lipton can never match the flavor and aroma of quality tea. Be it bagged or loose leaf, there are many good options and brands out there.

Tip: Soy milk works woderfully in tea, but add it after the brewing and don't boil it. I've found that boiling soy milk gives it a grainy texture.