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Mentor In: Vegan

Why I want to be mentor: Vegan baking is very simple and satisfying. It is fun and healthy to bake using minimal ingredients.

Lesson Learned: Vegan baking is best by omitting egg and dairy from favorite traditional recipes and focusing on technique.

Tip: Cow's milk can be equally replaced by using almond, rice, oatmeal, soy milks, juice or water.


Los Angeles

Mentor In: Vegan

Why I want to be mentor: I\'m The Healthy Voyager!

Lesson Learned: How to make ANYTHING vegan ; )

Tip: Your special dietary needs should not detour you from enjoying culinary goodness!

kitchen shaman

Phoenix, AZ

Mentor In: Vegan

Why I want to be mentor: I am eager to share my knowledge and skills acquired over the years. With the booming interest in plant based diets, and home cooking, I feel I can help others understand how to cook this food with full on flavor and tastiness.

Lesson Learned: Fire is hot, it burns.

Tip: cook from the heart.


Mentor In: Vegan

Why I want to be mentor: I am raw/vegan and love to talk to others who are confused or need help in this area. I am an integrated health coach and set up clients on a 6 month program and this would be a great outlet for others to use my knowledge for their personal growth.

Lesson Learned: One man\'s medicine is another\'s poison. Eat what makes you feel good. Don\'t eat when you are not hungry. Hunger is often times mistaken for thirst. Have your cake, and EAT IT!!!

Tip: Eat whole living foods for mental clarity and energy.



Mentor In: Vegan

Why I want to be mentor: I have a lot of experience to share. The other categories that I am interested in are pressure cooking but more importantly VEGETABLES but I didn\'t see the latter one listed.

Lesson Learned: Make food taste great and don't talk about the fact that it's vegan, and people will like it.

Tip: Use herbs and seasonings often to spice up flavors.



Mentor In: Vegan

Why I want to be mentor: So i can share what i know about jazzin up the semingly everythingless diet

Lesson Learned: everything has a replacmentrnnothing tastes exactlly the same

Tip: embrace the soy


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