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Mentor In: Vegetarian

Why I want to be mentor: I love cooking for others, and would love to share recipes I've tried with others interested in Vegetarian cooking.

Lesson Learned: There is only so much tofu one can eat...

Tip: Try grilled tempeh steaks at your next bbq.


Mentor In: Vegetarian

Why I want to be mentor: I've had so much fun trying new foods that I want to share with everyone else who is considering the change.

Lesson Learned: Go to a great vegetarian restaurant and ask them what spices they use or the types of fake meats to buy if you like them. They will know the right terms.

Tip: Don't expect fake meat to taste exactly like real meat.. be open to new flavors - at least it's a way to get some protein.


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Mentor In: Vegetarian

Why I want to be mentor: I am a nutrition coach and writer.

Lesson Learned: I believe holistic nutritional awareness to support optimal health. Natural whole foods play a vital role in your physical and mental well-being, creating a healthy harmony for your life. My philosophy on nutrition is that regardless of your food habits, small changes can make a difference to momentum for positive, powerful results.

Tip: Enjoy free recipes, wellness ideas, & connect with health conscious people.


Mentor In: Vegetarian, Beverage

Why I want to be mentor: I like sharing recipes, meeting new people. I'm also open to learning so hopefully if I help you, you'll send me some good tips too.

Lesson Learned: Not all tofu is alike.

Tip: Be careful with soy sauce - while you're eating less calories with tofu, the salt content alone can kill you.