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Mentor In: Pie

Why I want to be mentor: I can help others learn to make pies that aren\'t over filled and look the best

Lesson Learned: Not to over whip your egg whites and watch milk on the stove.

Tip: The best taster is you.


North Carolina

Mentor In: Pie

Why I want to be mentor: I want to be a mentor because I have been in the cottage food industry since 2006. I am an educator and I am passionate about the micro food industry. Small niche food topics are rarely given a lot of attention, making it difficult for food entrepreneurs to get the information, money and support they need. I want to share my knowledge, experience and wisdom; allowing others to learn from my mistakes, my victories, my defeats and my unwavering ability to land on my back, cause if I can look up...I can get up!

Lesson Learned: The most important lessons I've learned is starting a business takes time and money. Even a small home-based business needs a business plan and selecting a product you believe in is essential. Food entrepreneurs are special people and what they do is personal, emotional and does not always make the kind of money anticipated. You must understand your reason for going into the food business; and begin with the end in mind. Remember, success starts with finding customers who are not only willing to pay for what you make, but able to pay the price you ask.

Tip: Spend time on pricing your product carefully, it is difficult to change once you have set the price.


Jacksonville, FL

Mentor In: Pie

Why I want to be mentor: So many people I talk to are afraid of pie crust and so don\'t attempt homemade pies. Once they lose their fear, pies often become their signature dish. How fun is that?!

Lesson Learned: Although pie crust shouldn\'t be handled too much, it is nothing to be afraid of.

Tip: Use really cold water when making pie crust.


United Kingdom

Mentor In: Cake, Pie, European

Why I want to be mentor: i love to help others, i dont know everything yet but what i do know i'll share!

Lesson Learned: always measure your ingredients properly!

Tip: for pie crust pastry, always use cold butter!