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Mentor In: Pie

Why I want to be mentor: I can help others learn to make pies that aren\'t over filled and look the best

Lesson Learned: Not to over whip your egg whites and watch milk on the stove.

Tip: The best taster is you.


Jacksonville, FL

Mentor In: Pie

Why I want to be mentor: So many people I talk to are afraid of pie crust and so don\'t attempt homemade pies. Once they lose their fear, pies often become their signature dish. How fun is that?!

Lesson Learned: Although pie crust shouldn\'t be handled too much, it is nothing to be afraid of.

Tip: Don't cut a warm fruit pie or it will run all over the place.


United Kingdom

Mentor In: Cake, Pie, European

Why I want to be mentor: i love to help others, i dont know everything yet but what i do know i'll share!

Lesson Learned: always measure your ingredients properly!

Tip: for pie crust pastry, always use cold butter!


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