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Mentor In: Tea

Why I want to be mentor: I have dreamed of opening a Tea Room, but since that won\'t happen for a while, I would like to help you have the same type of experience in your own home.

Lesson Learned: I learned that a three tiered plate holder is never large enough for all the goodies that I like to prepare.

Tip: You can make tea sandwiches ahead, cover with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap till serving.


Toronto, Ontario

Mentor In: Tea

Why I want to be mentor: I know quite a bit about tea. An un-natural amount so why not share what I know? I am not a tea-expert but I have learned from many self-proclaimed tea-experts, I am just not pretentious enough to claim that I am one. But I know a lot, so why not share?

Lesson Learned: Tea is like wine, but better. Better how? Well, less calories and you can drink it anytime. When I say it\'s like wine, I mean that you can pair different teas with different meals and really enhance the flavour of both the tea and the meal. It\'s fabulous and wonderful.

Tip: There are rules for different types of tea (how to store them, how hot the water should be, how long to steep) and there are many tea fopas. You'll notice that brewing tea "incorrectly" gives it a different flavour - You might LIKE that flavour!


Clearfield, UT

Mentor In: Tea, Tofu

Why I want to be mentor:

Lesson Learned: The likes of Lipton can never match the flavor and aroma of quality tea. Be it bagged or loose leaf, there are many good options and brands out there.

Tip: Soy milk works woderfully in tea, but add it after the brewing and don't boil it. I've found that boiling soy milk gives it a grainy texture.