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Mentor In: Barbecue, South American

Why I want to be mentor: I would love to help people learn about latin american food beyond tacos, rice and beans, and brazilian steak houses.

Lesson Learned: busca lo mas fresco

Tip: South American food may seem exotic, but it utilizes many of the familiar ingredients used in the states.

Natascha Etscheid

Pirajuí, Brazil

Mentor In: South American

Why I want to be mentor: I\'m brazilian...i eat this kind of food since i was little, my family is very mixed (mom from Bahia, mother-in-law from Sao Paulo)...each region have it\'s many to try...i like to take some vacation around my learn new south for example you find german cuisine...but i also know it...because my father is german...

Lesson Learned: Making a good acarajé...

Tip: Trying is the first step to perfection