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Mentor In: High Protein

Why I want to be mentor: I specialize in the Over-40 crowd, but my knowledge can be utilized by anyone. My new funny, healthy cookbook, \"Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat? Healthy Recipes Even HE Will Eat!\" touts my philosophy of low carb, healthy eating.

Lesson Learned: Less is more...except for herbs and spices. Heavy oils, salt and sauces aren\'t necessary to make food taste good. Fresh ingredients take the place of unnecessary and fattening ingredients.\r\n\r\nNow, I don\'t believe in a totally carbohydrate free diet, however. Hi Fiber starch like oatmeal and whole grain breads should be eaten before lunch, to help fuel your day. It\'s the white flour, rice and potatoes eaten at night (AND the sugar!) that do us in!

Tip: REd meat should only be eaten on occasion. It has a higher fat content and can contribute to higher cholesterol BUT it has amino acids and iron that chicken and fish don't have.