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I'm an artist and when not living in my head, in my art or in the kitchen, I am outdoors with my collection of working vintage cameras. Once I settle into BakeSpace you will see more of my photography with my recipes. When you see my food, it likely will be flavorful, easy to cook, and revolving around favorite ingredients. You'll also notice I favor recipes that are healthy secretly. I will not eat something simply because it's healthy, it has to taste good. I'll test everything on my family and if they approve, then it's something I'm proud to share with all of you! I am not a fan of sugary sweet foods. This doesn't mean I don't like sugar but I believe most Americans are accustomed to unnaturally sweet, high sugary foods. A few years back I cut out soda from my diet completely. I didn't expect my taste buds to change across the board and foods I had previously loved I no longer wanted. But they did and I adjusted my recipe collection accordingly. I still love my desserts! You won't find me straying from making them, but they will not be sickening sweet. I will not use artificial sweeteners. I think they taste horrible and do worse for your body than sugar in moderate amounts. Now for the things I do like....If you love mushrooms, cheese, pumpkin, bacon, eggplant, barley and other seldom used grains, spinach, lemons, figs, and chocolate...just to name a few of my obsessions...than you may enjoy trying my recipes! I am half Filipina, but was not raised to cook these foods as I was growing up. My mother was more interested in my being as Americanized as possible so I don't speak the language and I don't cook Filipino food, although I grew up around it and it's all very familiar to me. This space will also be my lab to teach myself how to cook the food my mother grew up cooking for me all my life with her help and the cookbooks my mother used when she was a child a well. It's really neat to walk the same path as my mother and see her writing and note scribbles in these books. The other half of my family is German/Polish through my dad. One half asian, one half german/polish! I'll be exploring a little of that culture as well. My husband's grandmother left me thousands of hand written recipe cards as well and I've been looking for a chance to experiment with his family's recipes. His grandmother was from the deep south, Georgia and lived most of her life in Nebraska before she was married. This is the food my husband grew up eating and thus the introduction of my interest in mac and cheese. Doesn't hurt that my son loves mac and cheese as do all children. I have a happy house of test guinea pigs.


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Super Secret High In Fiber Spicy Pumpkin Chocolate Bread (or muffins)

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