Christopher Ranch California Heirloom Garlics Photo
Christopher Ranch California Heirloom Garlic

Christopher Ranch is a family owned garlic growing operation that's been farming California heirloom garlic since 1956 and prides itself on growing the most flavorful, fresh, safe, healthy and sustainable garlic possible. Based in Gilroy, California, the "Garlic Capitol of the World," Christopher Ranch has become the largest grower of fresh domestic garlic, providing a full line of fresh garlic products to consumers year round. One attribute setting Christopher Ranch garlic apart, is that we grow an exclusive variety of garlic - California heirloom garlic - which originated in Italy's Piedmont region centuries ago. California heirloom garlic is known for its bold, smooth, lasting, nutty flavor. All Garlic Is Not Created Equal. Make sure you consider flavor, freshness, safety, health and sustainability when buying fresh garlic.

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