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At Crazy Cups, we design Flavored Coffee for the flavor seekers of the world —the ones who taste everything the world has to offer, the highly experimental ones who think outside the lines, the ones who add cookie dough to ice cream and chocolate syrup to cheesecake. Our limited edition coffee is available in a number of different ways, giving flavor seekers the opportunity to discover unique tastes at affordable prices. In addition to providing our own distinguished blends, We also offer the first recyclable K Cups! We have the best selection, the most samplers, and the most innovative new technologies in coffee. Add some zing to your morning coffee by trying something new every day. We have great variety packs that can cater to any flavor profile. Did you know that K Cups are not just for coffee lovers? We have crazy cups for tea drinkers and chocolate lovers cider sippers, and during the holiday season you can use your keurig brewer to get your spicy eggnog on.

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