Tonya Heathco


Here For: Inspiration while continuing my creative journey, new recipe ideas, building friendships with people having similar interests, added spark to creative and seasonal dish ideas

Want to Learn How: As much as possible on cooking gluten free and creative cooking.

Heard about BakeSpace From: My inner guide. Just "told" me to search for a good lemonade recipe which led me to this group.

Occupation: Freelance Wordsmith and Internet Business Owner

Company: The Write Place and Spotted Blue Donkey

Industry: Writing and Editing

Associations: Beginners Marketing Class, Focus Society Mastermind


Originally from California, I've considered Tennessee my home for over 20 years. As a teen and young adult I loved to cook and explore creative food ideas. Now in my mid forties I have a growing interest in cooking once again. Starting off easy I am focused on becoming the grand cook of my youth. I have three young adult children and two young grand children. I remain active and creative for them. After all, as a grandparent I am responsible for adding fun and creativity into their lives so they can pass it on. I am a friendly and open person. Easy to get to know, I answer all questions honestly. I enjoy writing, birding, cooking, photography, and homemaking. I love life and look forward to each day.


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