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Happy to be here learning about cooking techniques and experimenting with the various ways that one can impress friends and delight visitor with culinary marvels. My life is very much work-orietated although I love my family and friends immensely, my company work in the real estate sector, we do lettings, rentals and investment opportunities. I really love what I do and have been doing it a few years now. The great thing about Monaco is the diversity and the different people you meet, one day you'll be chatting to a guy who fits windows on jags then the next you'll be conversing in French with the owner of the newest deli in Monte Carlo. You'll mostly find me eating at Frank's cafe which is near where I live. If not here then give me a shout, Monaco's such a small place that I'm bound to hear you. Please feel free to connect with me whenever you like. I will always be happy to make you acquaintance.

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