Derek Cross, Out Picking Breakfast from the First Hemp Crop in America for over 56 years. I enjoy bringing Industrial Hemp back to the Tables of America!
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Derek Cross


Here For: I love to cook and share ideas.

Heard about BakeSpace From: I was looking to self publish my cookbooks and found a BakeSpace video on youtube.

Occupation: Aspiring Author, Self Publishing

Company: Hemp Healthy Today


Hello, My name is Derek and I'm a Hemp-O'holic! I have been inspired by my Good Friend Joan Buechel, who is the most Amazing Chef I know. (She is The Best) I can't wait for her Cookbook to come out.... I was turned on by Hemp when I was looking for some Healthy ways of eating, I just love the hemp seed and oil, I enjoy the healthy benefits of Hemp, how it work's on my skin, eczema is (not) a friend of mine, and hemp oil is like a magic skin eraser, aiding in the removal of eczema. Hemp oil can be taken right from the bottle or just be applied directly to your skin, believe me, it works. When cooking with Hemp oil, you want to maintain temps of 150 degrees or lower. My children love eating hemp seed's right from the bag. The Omega's 3,6,9 found in hemp is an excellent source of Brain food, and a great source for expecting mothers whom can't take fish oil do to the possible Mercury levels that could bring harm to a developing fetus. Hemp has the ability to lower cholesterol, and is called a SuperFood, High in protein, EFA'S(essential fatty acids) AND GLA's (burn the bad fat)and is a vegans friend. By using Hemp seed and oil I have also been able to lose some weight because hemp is able to give your body the Healthy Nutrients your body is craving, I also feel more energized :-) I hope you enjoy these yummy recipes as my family does. I will have more yummy Hemp Recipes on their way to your plate. Thank'ya for your time, And have A Hemp~fully Day, Derek


Los Angeles, CA
Staten Isla, NY
Staten Isla, NY


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