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Hannah Smith

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah (if you hadn't already figured from my username) I am 19 years of age. I live in England, North Lincolnshire with my parents. I am a university student at Bishop Grosseteste in the city of Lincoln. I am studying to become (hopefully!) a primary school teacher! My degree is in Ba Hons Early Childhood Studies. I found this website by desperately googling to find people that share my passion for baking and testing/enhancing their baking skills; as well as somewhere to share my own progress. In the grand scheme of things I am probably an extremely inexperienced baker as I have only been baking passionately for about 2 years and still have many areas to cover. Therefore I welcome advice from others greatly and I am open to learning new skills and having people to share my experiences with and vice versa... So if you think I seem friendly enough send me a request! (honestly I don't bite!!) Thanks for reading! Hannah x x x

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