Erica Shay


Here For: I'm here to publish and share my recipes with the world!

Want to Learn How: I want to learn just how to do that. ;)

Schools: International Institute of Original Medicine

Degree(s): I am currently in the process of earning my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (original medicine).)


My name is Erica Shay. I am a 15-year-old who is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the health message of the Bible. I am dedicated to providing the needed information for spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. In the kitchen, I enjoy preparing exclusively that of healthy, living-foods dishes that are satisfying and delicious; which means that I don't cook the life out of my food. Our food is given to us alive in the garden, and I believe that is the way the good Lord intended for us to partake of the fruits of His earth. Thus being said, I am ever inspired to create my recipes with frugal simplicity in mind. I am also very mindful of keeping my recipes low in fat, as too much of even a very good and healthful thing, especially if it be so concentrated as natural fats are, is not good in the least bit. In short, my recipes are simple and easy to prepare, consisting mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables.


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