Jose` Garces short rib sandwich in Pop Up Garden, Philadelphia
Jose` Garces short r..

Hillary Redisch

Here For: Inspiring Philly college students to take risks with cuisine one recipe at a time.

Want to Learn How: To connect with young college goers who also share my obsession with food.

Occupation: Student, Advertising Sales Representative

Company: Temple University, The Temple News

Industry: Marketing

Schools: Temple University

Major: Advertising Management

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Hi everyone, I'm Hillary a.k.a Larry! You're probably wondering why Larry? Well, it starting in my high school Italian class. I brought in baked goodies for the class all the time and at the time my Italian name was Ilaria (still is, but I'm not Italian). We were discussing what we would each do if given $1 million. I answered by saying I would open up my own bakery. Someone shouted, "Larry's Breadshop!" and the rest is history. If I wasn't majoring in Advertising and minoring in Italian in school right now, I'd be studying Gastronomy, baking and pastry arts. My friends and family know me for experimenting with my cooking and baking, and can expect me to bring something to special events. I'm very passionate about food and the inspiration it gives me. It is sometimes difficult for me to not think about food during the day. And, being an athlete challenges me to create healthy indulgent lifestyle choices. Yes, I still eat Nutella out of the jar, but I substitute butter for applesauce in my recipes. Join me here while I continue cooking and baking through my senior year at Temple University. #LarrysBreadshop


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