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Hello fellow food-enthusiasts! I am a recently retired-career-wife turned modern-day-housewife-wannabe-chef. I love all things food! Cooking it, baking it, eating it...I have a stubbornly supportive hubby, of 10 yrs, who enjoys mock-protesting while I use him as a test bunny for my many diet conflicting confections and calorie questionable concoctions. We also have two little adorable non-picky eaters (thank goodness!), P1 and P2, who mean the world to us. I've been cooking for as long as I can remember. My obsession goes as far back as me even trying to play hooky in elementary school, so I could watch my favorite cooking shows like, The Frugal Gourmet and Great Chefs of the World. I always find great comfort in the kitchen, whether it were playing sou chef for my late Italian Grandpa in my footie pajamas and massive bed head, or cooking side-by-side with my Brazilian/French Canadian Mother, or making an intimate dinner for two for me and the hubby, or feeding the masses (which includes but is not limited to my extensive immediate family and their ever-growing brood). I just love making food and in turn, making tummies happy! I am also a chronic coffee drinker, movie quoter, and I love to read, read, and did I mention I love to read? And sadly it seems, I will never grow out of my love for childish bathroom humor. :)) That about sums me up! Hope you enjoy my take on food and I look forward to hearing what you think! Cheers, Mix'n Vix'n


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