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With an exceptional track record in most industry sectors, Currie & Brown is one of the global leaders in the provision of cost management /quantity surveying. At the heart of this service is cost and commercial management. It is with the depth and strength of our expertise and experience that we have developed a wide range of skills to meet the financial and cost control management needs throughout a wide range of industry sectors and for a large range of national and international organisations. The cost manager /quantity surveyor, with a reputation for fairness and independence, is a key member of any construction team. This intrinsic quality is combined with an ability to draft unambiguous contract documentation to avoid disputes and facilitate the effective progress of a project. Our cost managers place great emphasis on the control of construction costs. This is achieved by the application of expert knowledge of costs created through an understanding of current prices of labour, materials and plant. This expert knowledge combined with a deep appreciation of design objectives and decisions at an early stage ensures maximum value is realised for the investment made by our clients. Offering a comprehensive and innovative range of products and services, our cost management/quantity surveying teams ensure that we not only meet the current and ever-evolving needs and demands of our clients, but that we exceed expectations. Please us quantity surveying for more info's.


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