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Rossella Rago

My two favorite hobbies have always been cooking and acting. Now with the launch of my new online cooking show and webisode series, Cooking with Nonna, they have become a really great career. I am a first generation Italian-American born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. My heritage finds its source in Mola di Bari, a small fishing village more commonly referred to simply as Mola where my parents grew up. I was born into a family of culinary aficionado’s and food lovers. Growing up, something was always on the stove. I spent most of my childhood in the kitchen with my maternal Grandmother Romana learning the long legacy of recipes passed down through the generations for centuries. Her grandmother, who she calls Nonna, also taught her about the different regional food styles of Italy. Inspired by my love of food, passion for entertaining and acting, as well as my love for her family and community, I am happy to host the series Cooking with Nonna and welcome thhe opportunity to share the recipes from the many guest Nonna’s we will have on the show.

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Pasta alla Norma
Home Made Cavatelli with Ragu
Eggplant Rollatini by Nonna Romana of Mola di Bari, Italy