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I am the online recipe coordinator for Saddlebred Rescue, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation which exists to save unwanted horses from slaughter and return them to useful, productive lives, and to educate the public on concerns facing the Saddleseat breeds. SBR is unique among rescues as it provides a “Safety Net” for any horse in its system: adopters needing to return a horse for any reason may do so with the assurance that the animal will never be at risk in the auction/slaughter pipeline. SBR has rescued, rehabbed and rehomed 600 horses since its beginning in 2006, winning the prestigious USEF “Heroes for Horses” award in 2007. By placing these horses in lesson programs throughout the country and as personal pleasure horses, SBR has strengthened a fundamental base of the equine industry. SBR strives to be a good citizen within all areas of the horse industry and to set and live by high standards through our dealings with horse owners, trainers and instructors, breed associations, professional groups, youth groups, and with our supporters and volunteers. Visit us online at, become a fan on Facebook at, or call our adoption hotline, 908-605-6032.

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