Blake Landau


Here For: It's all about the kitchen and the community.

Want to Learn How: To connect with other chefs and learn new recipes.

Heard about BakeSpace From: Babette Pepaj

Occupation: Consultant

Company: Blake Landau Consulting

Industry: Marketing

Associations: Clever Girl Collective, speaker at CRM Evolution, Customer Engagement Technology World, Social Media Week SF. Team In Training and Toastmasters are favorite orgs.

Schools: UC Santa Cruz

Major: Literature/Journalism/Art History

Degree(s): History of Art and Visual Culture and Modern Lit


This is my breath of fresh air. There’s nothing like losing yourself chopping vegetables. Just as a comedian gets on stage to win over a new audience every night, I go into the kitchen to CREATE a new food narrative every night. CREATE is the operative word because that is what I am passionate about. C-r-e-a-t-i-n-g. Influenced by by the California beaches, and later experiencing the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn for five years, I have carved out my own cooking niche creating what I like to call “intuitive food.” I use what’s in season and try to think global and buy local. I use what we have in the kitchen already and find a way to make it provocative. I try to waste little. There is no one specific theme of flavor profile. I cook with my best tool–the only one I’ve consistently used in the kitchen and in my life–my instincts.


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