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Sheri Fuqua


Here For: To promote my cookbook - Rainbows of Vegan Love

Occupation: Display Web-Girl + Aspiring famous veganizer.

Industry: Retail

Schools: Antonelli College of Art

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Degree(s): Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising

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Hi, I’m Sheri, and chances are you’ve read my blog, you know me in person, or you’re a vegan who occasionally misses those foods that you used to eat when you were not vegan. That’s what my cookbook, Rainbows of Vegan Love, is all about! On January 1st 2011 I made the choice to become vegan. My choices were somewhat personal. I wanted to stop making the mistakes I continued to make in my life and killing animals as a sensory pleasure to me, was a mistake. A few weeks before Christmas of 2010 I realized that I needed to take charge of how I was handling things in my life. I pretty much changed my life around. I began doing a daily Kundalini yoga practice and a workout regimen. Removed myself from negative relationships and started eating healthier. But, there was one thing missing. How could I sit here and say how much I loved animals of all kinds (which I have for years) and eat them? I was in a conundrum. You see, I didn’t become vegan because I hated the taste of meat, eggs or dairy. I became vegan for the number one reason of the fact that I adore the animals of the world, and one more vegan meant at least a few less suffering animals. I did it in the most shocking way possible. I can remember the last meal I had on December 31, 2010 – and I’m so sorry little rock Cornish hen and the cows that gave me the milk and butter for my mashed potatoes... if I could take it back now, I would. I engaged in a New Years Eve dinner of Cornish hen, mashed potatoes with real butter and milk, gravy, and some veggies. When that was gone, I immediately went into veganism. No easing in, no turning back. As I was enjoying my new found veganism, I also realized there were many things I was missing in my meals… but what was it?? You guessed it. I missed chicken, cheese, milk, the occasional steak, ice cream, etc. So, I started looking into substitutions, but honestly – nothing really came close (in my opinion) to the real things. What’s a girl to do? Well, she makes a pact with herself. I couldn’t be the only vegan out there thinking this way. I was also on an emotional rollercoaster in my personal life. So – to get my mind off that, and to get my cravings in check, I decided to work on a project that could potentially help me grow. Before this time I had consulted a psychic – and without going into specifics, she had told me that ‘rainbows’ would put me into a new, fascinating and sometimes time consuming and bothersome project. And by the time I had finished, I would come to the ‘end’ of my rainbow and ‘find my pot of gold’ so to speak. I love this. I love it when things come together. August 2011 I created “Rainbows of Vegan Love” my project of veganizing 100 recipes in 2 years (one recipe a weekend). I couldn’t eat this food all by myself – so I recruited. I had friends and family more than disgustingly excited to try my food. I have some on video, many on photos, and a few even reciprocating by making me goodies to go with my food. Hey, I’d like to say I even turned a few of these people ON to veganism! I blogged about it. (And the blog is still there – if you’re interested). I talked about it on a radio show, I talked about it to friends, family, people I didn’t even know. It was fun. Sometimes it was time consuming. Sometimes I didn’t even have the funds to figure out where the next recipe was going to come from. I always prevailed though. When I finished the blog in late summer 2013, something amazing happened, that whole rainbow thing? Well it was starting to show itself. So, I started with the name; then nearly a week after finishing the project, I was closing up the deal – had written my last blog etc, etc when something happened! That night I was crafting some rainbow cupcakes for my boss’ wedding shower… and at that same time, I started talking to someone who would completely change my life. My own little pot of gold, if you will. So with that – I give you: “Rainbows of Vegan Love” Enjoy what you see in these pages. Play with the recipes. Feel free to contact me if you make something, make yummy changes to a recipe or just want to show me pictures. Thanks to those of you who held my hand through this process, and willingly tried my food. You’ll even find some dedications on the recipes in here! Most of all, thank you to the animals. For without them, our lives wouldn’t be complete. Peace and Love – and ALWAYS vegan. Sheri



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