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QuickTest Specialist (QTP) offers versatility of creating QuickTest automation scripts in any language and improvement surroundings that supports automation, like Do .Web Visual Studio. In this guide you will discover standard implementation of QTP Automation working with C . There are several options for development environments available for planning and managing automation scripts. QuickTest (QTP) automation scripts can be authored in any language that support automation ex. VBScript, JavaScript, Visible Simple, Visual Do, or Visual Studio.Net(Do, VB.internet). In this post we utilised Visible Studio 2008 and .Internet C language, to consider advantage of characteristics like Microsoft Intellisense, automatic assertion completion, other attributes. Following selecting an setting that supports type referencing , we have to include reference to the QuickTest variety library prior to commence writing or working your automation script. Generating C Console App for QTP Automation Make a new task in Visible studio, selecting visible Do undertaking console application. Adding Reference to Object Design Visible Studio development surroundings assist(s) referencing a sort libaray. A type library is a binary file containing the description of the objects, interfaces, and other definitions of an object product.

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