Abby Allen

Here For: Meet some great people and learn some fun recipes. Share some recipes that are really special to me.

Want to Learn How: Anything and everything.

Heard about BakeSpace From: I was just poking around and came across it.

Occupation: Registered Dental Assistant-Front Office

Associations: Well, not really any associations. I am very involved with my church.


Hey there! Well, here I am. My name is Abby. I am 29 years old. Been married for 5 years to my husband who is a gift from God. I really want a dog, but we live in an apartment right now and don't have a yard. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 8 years old. Rededicated I don't know how many times. I really realized how important God is when I got married. I have learned how loving, forgiving and awesome God is. Even if times are hard, I know that He is there with me, guiding me. And that knowledge provides such peace. Each day is a new day and each day is a gift. And I am looking forward to the day when I get to hug my Savior.


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