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Sara Heller

Sara attended Dartmouth College on a women's lacrosse scholarship, where she led the squad to a third place finish in the NCAA Tournament her junior year. Her career was cut short, however, after an illegal hit to the knee shattered her patella and left her in excruciating pain. After years of reconstructive surgery and a battle with prescription pain killers, she became romantically involved with William Deveries, the then base player for Third Eye Blind. It was during this time of her life that she came up with the idea that would make her first million dollars. After seeing the countless throngs of trendy twenty somethings with multiple piercings, she developed the vibrating tongue stud and founded the company 'A Girl's Best Friend'. She sold the company in 1999 for an estimated 342 million dollars to Xerox. Sara now lives in Utah with her thirteen cats and new husband, Fabio.

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