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Want to Learn How: new recipes and techniques....improve my decorating skills and expand my /baking knowledge

Heard about BakeSpace From: Browsing the internet and food blogs is how I came across this little gem

Industry: Finance

Major: Sport Management

Degree(s): Bachelors & Masters


I'm 25 and love to be in the kitchen. I like to bake more so than cook and find when I can bake for no reason it is truly relaxing. I constantly am trying recipes that I find in books and online with the end product going to coworkers or family members for a review. My kitchen is small but I like to think big things come out of it. I have an older version sunbeam mixer than I have found to be better than most newer good old standby! I also learned long ago that what you may think is a catastrophe in the kitchen may just turn out to be a masterpiece!


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