barb garrett

Hometown: winnipeg

Here For: recipes etc.

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I'm a single Mom of 5 wonderful children, though they really aren't children anymore. The oldest is 22 and the youngest is 15. They are great kids. They are the reason I get out of bed everyday. I have always loved to cook and bake, having grown up sitting on the counter watching my mom do it. All of my kids did the same. I've always prefered scratch cooking and baking. Comfort food is the best. And anything sweet that puts a smile on one's face. I used to do a fair bit of cake decorating as well. I should really get back into it. I still bake bread from scratch. In fact I credit the bread for me raising my kids without grey hair. I used to take my daily frustrations out on beating up that bread dough. Try it, it's theraputic. I've taught alot of young ladies how to make bread from scratch and I've even taught my 16 year old son how. I really should upload that recipe. It's versatile. I'm proud to say that my youngest 3 have chosen Culinary Arts in High School. My middle child already has plans to continue her education in the culinary field, then university with the hope of bcoming a Culinary Teacher. I love to browse on my lunch hour at work if I have time. I'd love to someday become a mentor in ?? category.



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