My earliest memories are memories of food. My grandmother making her famous coffee cake! My mother preparing for a dinner party. My uncle showing me how to make sausages! My mother-in-law taking to me everyday when I was first married about what I was going to make for dinner. My friends saving me when my daughter died by making me teach them how to cook and insisting they pay me and I was to write up the recipes and they would be at my house next week! A call from UCLA asking me to teach cooking at their university! A wave of food had always orchestrated my life. It has always stayed with me through thick and thin! It is my way now of giving back to a world who had been so generous and loving! Teaching how to prepare food had enriched by life and given me purpose. It had allowed me to fly higher then I ever thought one person could soar! For the people who have loved me I give you, " Cathy Cooks for Good".


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