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Hello , and thank you for stopping by . My name is Larry . I am the host and man behind "Pie In The Sky " and "The Pie Vlog" . These are the two shows I use to teach all of you out there just how easy and rewarding it is to make your own fresh from scratch pizzas. I joined Bakespace after waking up one morning and deciding that I should find some other home chefs to share my passion with. BEHOLD , BAKESPACE ( Betty Boop's voice ) .I live back in Texas now , but am recently home from the wild , wild West. The reason I started cooking was because my Mom went back to work and I got tired of sandwiches . Strangely enough , sandwiches was where I started and built a really solid foundation for future cooking adventures. The flavor and quality of ingredients in my own cooking has never been matched by any restaurant , and is still the only food that I desire. I believe , strongly , in the way we eat is the way we live. If you eat allot of junk food , you live a bloated life. If you wanna contact me , leave a message in my Blipback box on this page using your webcam or cell-phone ( text your message to , or you can find me in the bakespace forums...I'd love to here from you. body { background-image: url(''); background-attachment: fixed; background-repeat: repeat; } GET YOUR OWN BLIPBACK! null

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