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Jaime Jones

I am a stay at home navy wife and mom of 5. My kids are 14, 7, 5 and 3 (twins). I love to cook and try new things, I have plenty of very honest critics in my home. In 2004 I had gastric bypass surgery and have had many problems since. As much as I love food and am very wiling to try new things, I am very limited. I use cooking as my therapy. Even though it is all I can do to taste test things some days, the kitchen is my favorite place to be. It is my happy place, I can not say the same for my family and friends sometimes though, anytime I am sad or stressed I cook and anyone around gets a taste testing spoon. Being a military family we do things on a budget so I am always looking for ways to use what I have and make it something everyone can enjoy. I am very much looking forward to starting culinary school in Jan 2014.


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