carol pulitzer

Website: butterflyinc.com

Hometown: New Orleans

Here For: cooking compatriots

Want to Learn How: sharing

Heard about BakeSpace From: can't remember

Occupation: designer

Company: Butterfly & Company

Industry: Retail

Schools: Tulane, Boston Museum School, NY Restaurant School


Born in a food obsessed city (New Orleans) in a food obsessed family, food is always on my mind. Recently: Katrina and many other factors coalesced into my own perfect storm. For 30 years I had stored up diverse business ideas,illustrations, artwork, poetry, writings but now it was time to open the file drawers and give birth to something real.. or become a bag lady. So i started a company using my designs on kids and maternity tees, linens, and greeting cards (butterflyinc.com). I put my recipe for Polka Dot cookies (one-bite Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with a Cream Cheese filling in the middle) on the maternity hangtags and a poem and illustration on my kids tees. I just started a blog (http://butterflyinc.com/blog/)on my website where i'll put recipes and cooking videos, musings, a food poem, photographs, etc. I work on Saturdays at The Cook's Library on W. Third Street close to La Cienega. It's a fabulous place, floor to ceiling cookbooks! All the chefs pass through our doors including Top Chefs Stephanie and Antonia.


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