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Claudia Yuskoff

I grew up eating Latin dishes but enjoy all kinds of foods. The dishes I'm most successful with are the ones I invent by mistake. I'm NOT a chef, just a home cook that enjoys making meals for family and friends. I get late night cravings for greasy food all the time and wish the States would have Churro Cafes like they do in Spain. Ooh, I'm craving hot chocolate now. After losing my job, I found myself in the kitchen constantly. It was my escape to cook. One day I took my video camera and begin filming while cooking, and Mmm, Me Gusta was born. Mmm, Me Gusta is a new cooking webisode that aired Summer 2009. It's a self-funded project with high hopes. Check it out: I also created a Los Angeles-based networking group called Eats & Geeks. It's for social media enthusiast that want to talk shop while eating delicious homemade food. We gather online and at someone's home every other month. If you want to join the group, look us up on Facebook.

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