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Based on the classic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and wonderfully directed by the legendary director James Whale, this is one of those rare occurrences when a sequel hits the heights of the original. The Bride of Frankenstein's inspired opening (which shows an impossible dramatisation of Mary Shelley telling Lord Byron and Percy Shelley that 'the story doesn't end there') ensures the films plausibility. Considered by many to be superior to it' predecessor ( and no less brutal, only a few minutes in and we see the grieving parents of the first films child victim being killed at the hands of the monster ). However, The Bride of Frankenstein is much more personal. The film shows the monster being portrayed as more the victim and Doctor Frankenstein less the selfish egotistic maniac. This leaves a gap for Ernest Thesiger to play the cackling psychotic villain Doctor Pretorius with enthusiastic zeal. Pretorius's motives are never in doubt, he wants to create a master race of monsters and his craziness is shown when you see jars of tiny living humans in his laboratory. Bride of Frankenstein | Frankenstein | Frankenstein wife

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