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michael hampton

Over the past decade I have found myself becoming more and more obsessed with Food. Perhaps it is all of the wonderful places I have had the good fortune to visit; France, Italy, Spain, my own backyard. It is also because of a good friend I met years ago who shares my enthusiasm for food. Through him I have leaned to see and taste food in a whole new way. I have always enjoyed baking but I find that my interest in it is growing. There is something very peaceful and nostalgic about the process for me. I also love cooking and baking for my friends an family. It brings me so much pleasure to see them enjoy and appreciate my dishes. Food brings friends and family together! I live in DC and a new cupcake place recently opened in Georgetown. What else would it be called but Georgetown Cupcake. Ever since I tasted my first cupcake from the famous Magnolia bakery in New York 12 years ago I have become increasingly obsessed. But let me tell you Magnolia has nothing on Georgetown Cupcake. I am sure many of you may be offended by my statement but it is true. So I have been dying to know what makes their cupcakes so special? Is it the cream cheese frosting? The perfectly moist cake? The unique but sophisticated flavors? Is it the perfect frosting to cake ratio? After practicing in the kitchen I think I am close. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you and learing about yours as well. Heres to good food and cupcakes!

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