Me & Jr~Sactown Golden Gate Bridge
Me & Jr~Sactown Gold..

Michael Dyal

Here For: The bright ideas, fresh cooking techniques, and colorful new recipes.

Want to Learn How: The more advanced culinary techniques and get some new culinary cultures and styles.

Occupation: Management

Company: Traylor Pacific

Industry: Construction

Associations: PMI, AGC, Six Sigma

Schools: Utah Valley University (formally UVSC)

Major: Technology Management-Construction Management & Spanish

Degree(s): BS, AA


I love to cook. I cook because it is a way to serve others with a fantastic meal! I just entered a new stage of my life and I am finding new foods and ways to prepare them. These ideas played out in the kitchen help me express myself. I specialize in many different cuisines: Italian, Latin, Chinese, Bar-B-Q and American-Traditional. My Favorite is Italian. I can improvise easily and substitute naturally. I do not have "formal" Culinary Education or training other than my Grandparents and Mother. I loved helping them and later, cooking for them in their kitchens. Some of the best memories are in the kitchen. I have the ability to understand flavors and understand how they came together. I can taste something and generally know what went into it to make it taste the way it does, every spice and flavor. I have always been able to put together flavors to make something special. I have Amazing Ratatouille Skills!!! ;)


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