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I come from a family of bakers and good cooks. My Hungarian grandfather was a bread baker by profession and my German grandmother's dishes were exquisite, especially at Christmas when she made strudels and kuchen by hand. My parents both cooked as well and my brother and I inherited that, but my brother is the better cook and I am the better baker. I don't have children, but his 2 kids (my niece & nephew) are carrying on the tradition and are talented cooks themselves. I'm 62 and retired, currently baking from May through October for the local farmer's market. I read avidly and review books. My husband is Japanese,and he has been contributing half of the baked goods we sell the past year, all the madeleines as well as orange yogurt bread, coconut-pineapple loaves, almond poppyseed loaves bread and pound cakes. The beauty of a farmers market is that I can bake at whim and change things up weekly. I do try to offer at least 1 type of cookie, muffin, cupcake, brownies, and cake per week. Sometimes I'll add pies, cornbread, English muffins, etc. if inclined. I've been married for 15 years. I met my husband when I lived in Japan for 5 years. I have also lived in Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, and San Diego as well. I live in a small college town on the northern outskirts of Columbus, Ohio but Cincinnati is my home town.

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