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Phylis Hoffman

I'm a literacy coach (I coach teachers not kids) for an elementary school in Wilmington (LAUSD). I love my job but my other passion is food. About 5 years ago I lost 86 pounds but have been adding back way too many of those lost pounds (I had a very stressful year)! So in order to get back on track and to start losing I'm trying to eat more consciously and not comfort myself with food. Along with this goal is taking care of my 85 year old mother who maybe weighs 100 lbs has high blood pressure, kidney failure, and is now borderline diabetic; I need to make dinners that are low in salt and in sugars. I would love, love, to find some baking recipes that use agave nectar. I also decided to start planning out our dinners for a month at a time! This is my first month and so far so good but I have a lot of leftovers in my freezer. Planning does help my weight loss efforts along with the weeknight frenzy of "Oh my God, its six o'clock already and what the heck are we going to eat?"

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