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Hey Hey! I began blogging seriously in 2011, with what started out as a personal journal-type blog just to document my family, pictures, and day-to-day musings. After posting a recipe or two, I soon realized I wanted to dedicate a website to my love of food. I have learned that I am most at home when I am in the kitchen. A cute apron on, a spatula in hand whipping up some new tasty creation, and some of my favorite tunes on in the background. That is when I am the happiest. I am creeping on up toward my thirtieth birthday, and surprisingly, I’m not kicking and screaming on my way there. I feel like every year that passes is better than the last. Between baking and writing about my yummy creations, I’m enjoying my extremely busy life filled with running, Zumba classes, crafting here and there, reading, and spending time with my cute little family. I have the sweetest little five year old boy who is just the joy of my life. He is sensitive, yet determined. He’s loving, yet all boy. He’s innocent, yet oh so curious. He’s a bit accident prone and has given me quite a bit of scares, so I’m definitely always on my toes with him around. The love of my life and I have been married since September of 2011, and she and I have been together since July 2009. But really, I’ve been in love with her since almost two years before that. Together, the three of us live in Salt Lake City, Utah in a teeny tiny cozy little apartment. To us, our families are the most important parts of our lives, and we’re very fortunate to live within forty-five minutes of all of our siblings, parents, and grandparents. I’m hoping I can share with you my love, not only for food itself, but for food without all the guilt that seems to come along with it. There’s always a new diet that hits late-night infomercials and seems to promise perfection and a brand new life. I feel as though much of our society today has been convinced that you must be on a diet of some sort to be fit and healthy. Society has been taught that there are good foods and bad foods. I have learned through my personal experiences that that just isn’t true. I love all foods in the form of cakes, cookies, fruits, and veggies. For years, I deprived myself of many of the foods I craved because I was taught by society that they were bad. I hope, through my experiences and knowledge, I can show you that there is a way out of the chains that yo-yo diets and eating disorders may have bound you by. I have never been more passionate about my life, especially because I feel like I’ve gained a brand new lease on it. I hope you join me on this journey!


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