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Carolyn Scott just celebrated her 10 years as a vegan as well as an entrepreneur. After college, Carolyn moved to Los Angeles from Miami in 1998. Shortly after arriving and becoming vegan, she studied holistic nutrition as well as dabbling in the culinary arts but did not pursue a career in that field. Instead in 2003, Carolyn opened Ineventions, a pr & event planning firm. Since then, she has added full film, TV and web production branch under the umbrella of her original business. With the access and addition of the new business arm, Carolyn was able to start realizing her dream of traveling and eating all over the world and so the Healthy Voyager was born in 2005. Carolyn is an avid traveler but she found it quite difficult to find vegan friendly restaurants abroad. She tired of having to pack her own foods or eat bread, fries and junky foods when she was away. After realizing she could find and/or manipulate any menu to create a meal that satisfied her as well as her dining partners, she created the Healthy Voyager to show people that your dietary restrictions should not ruin you or your travel mates’ trip, be it business or pleasure. She knew that many people must endure the same problems no matter what their diet may be from medical or ethical reasons to just wanting to keep slim. She started her blog to document every city and place she dined as a resource for the finickiest of travelers. She also realized it was a great resource for those who were traveling with others who did not share their special needs as her posts offered suggestions to restaurants that shared options for all types of foodies ; ) As of 2006, she and her fiancé, of opposing gastronomic tastes, have traveled and dined healthily and harmoniously while documenting it all on film for the Healthy Voyager Web Series. Look for the Healthy Voyager spin off show this spring/summer, The Healthy Voyager: Tour Bus. Carolyn will be chatting and hanging out with top veggie, health conscious and/or green artists from rock and roll to country and hip hop! Also coming this year is the Healthy Voyager Approved guide, a directory of restaurants around the world as well as food and health products approved for and categorized by their special dietary offerings, as well as The Healthy Voyager’s first cookbook, The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen and a line of grab and go foods/snacks!! To connect with the Healthy Voyager, you may email her at .

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