Queenstown in winter
Queenstown in winter


Want to Learn How: To be a better cook.

Heard about BakeSpace From: A Google search.

Occupation: Kitchen Hand

Industry: Hospitality


My cooking life started with me not being able to boil water without burning it! Even creating basic meals such as spaghetti bolognaise were beyond my skill level at the time, so I went on a mission to learn to cook. Recipe books became my new best friends and I quickly learned that if I followed the instructions and looked at the pictures, I could create delicious food without too much drama. My confidence grew and so did my skill level, until I finally got to the stage where I was able to serve up delicious meals without having Band-Aids wrapped around the majority of my fingers after a session in the kitchen. When our second son was nine years old we discovered that he needed to be on a gluten-free diet. Regardless of the adeptness I had achieved in the kitchen, I didn't think I was equipped for such a big curve ball to be thrown at me. Once again I went in search of recipe books, but this time for gluten-free kids. To my horror, I wasn't able to find any of these cookbooks that I had pictured myself sifting through, discovering amazing gluten-free meals and snacks I could create for my son. Since then I have made it my personal goal to create tasty food and delicious recipes so that gluten-free kids everywhere can enjoy them. Even now I still love to see people genuinely enjoying the gluten-free food I have made; and often without even knowing that it is gluten-free. My ultimate goal is to make the gluten-free food look so appealing that it is the food that everyone wants to eat, whether the consumer is gluten-free or not! My journey with food has been hugely rewarding for me and I hope that my story will help to inspire others who may have started out the same way.


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