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Here For: Recipe Exchange, connecting with other foodies, and gaining inspiration

Want to Learn How: Better baking skills, especially yeast breads and complex cakes

Heard about BakeSpace From: yahoo article

Occupation: Marketing

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Industry: Hospitality

Schools: The College of William and Mary, B.A.

Major: Psychology

Degree(s): B.A.


I could prepare full meals and bake homemade cakes and yeast breads from scratch before I finished elementary school. We were latchkey kids, and in second grade my Mom gave me the choice to pick an afterschool chore - cleaning or cooking dinner. That was easy. Anything but cleaning. So each morning Mom would thaw out her planned meal items. After school, I would call her at work, and she would walk me through each step over the phone - I was her in-house cooking clone. By fourth grade I became bored with the regular meals. I began studying the Betty Crocker cookbook for inspiration. By the time of my college years at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, I would spend hours at the library reading cookbooks. I began entering cooking contests for fun. I spent my social time planning elaborate dinner parties at my dorm, where I would cook for ten to thirty and mess up almost every pot on campus. Now more than twenty years later, I live in Atlanta, and I still love to cook. My approach is to use the freshest and best ingredients I can afford. My Momma warned me early about women who purchased boxed cakes, and advised me, "I wouldn't bring a box cake in my house!" So I am secretly somewhat of a food snob, a descendent of generations of Southern cooks who take what's on the table quite seriously. This site is going to be fun.


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