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Indira Morales

Graphic Designer by trade, turned aspiring pastry chef and caterer. However, first, I am a wife, and second, a proud mama of two young boys. My journey begins two years ago when I decided to get my feet wet in catering. Let me back up.....It all started in the small advertising office at my previous job where three of my co-workers and I created one of the best quesadillas ever, inspired by a version I once ate while living in Mexico as a young girl. How the idea of creating a catering business came about is still a blur. All I remember thinking is how great it would be to plan parties, cook and get paid for all of it. Don't get me wrong, I have hosted many great dinner parties before and cooked all the food for them (I like to enjoy the fruits of my labor). However, while cooking for a crowd of strangers is no different, it is quite the nerve-wrecking experience, and then of course add the fear of someone getting sick and suing you afterwards...yikes! In a nut shell, I am here for the same reason as you....passion and love for food! While my business is off to a slow start, I intend to finish pastry school and see where that takes me. In the mean time, I hope money will start growing on trees so that I can start a small sandwich shop!

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