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Shawnte Mosely

Hi, I am Tay! Simply stated I'm a submissive women who loves to cook. Currently, I live with two great roommates, their two neurotic dogs and my 2 interesting cats. I have yet to be blessed with kids, but I never give up hope or practicing (lol). Recently, December of 2008, I relocated to the IE from the San Gabriel Valley. Shortly thereafter, I acquired a boyfriend who lives in the San Gabriel Valley, funny how life works. I am only looking to making new platonic friends. Honestly it is impossible to say who I am, simply because I really don't know *EXACTLY* who I am. When I think I got a good handle on myself, I change. That is nature of humans, so I digress. In general I am a good person who believes in the Golden Rule "Do Unto Others, as You Would Want Them to do to You". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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