John Ross

I'm a mentor in Barbecue, Bread

Website: www.kcspecialties.com

Heard about BakeSpace From: Wall Street Journal

Occupation: Business Owner

Company: Ross Consulting Services

Industry: Computer Networking

Schools: Westminster College, Fulton, MO

Major: Speech & Communications


I'm a computer nerd (Network Engineer) turned Barbecue products purveyor. I was 'into' computers long before IBM brought out their first PC, and before Gates bought MS-DOS from a friend for $1000. I designed and manufactured enhancements to various comnputers, and was very active in PC support on CompuServe, the primary predecessor to the internet. I started and moderated the first world wide health related support group, initially on CompuServe, then on to the internet. This was The Cancer Forum. Then came Barbecue. A long time member of The Kansas City Barbecue Society, The California Barbecue Association (I live in Kansas; go figure), the National Barbecue Association, and other Barbecue related groups. I'm a Certified Master Judge, and hold a BS, MS and PhB from the Greasehouse University. I'm an award winning competition barbecue cook, and I've competed and taught cooking and judging classes across the country.


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