jennifer stoker

Website: www.atfirstbite.com

Hometown: Danbury, CT

Here For: Network and try to get my recipes and face out there, to be the next celebrity chef on Food Network!!

Want to Learn How: networking

Heard about BakeSpace From: My best friend Kelly Papa

Occupation: Personal Chef

Company: At First Bite/Compass Group

Schools: Culinary Institute of America

Major: BS - Film studies

Degree(s): BS


"As the owner and executive chef of At First Bite, my passion is food. With a degree and education from the finest culinary institution in the world, the Culinary Institute of America, I learned 'Preparation is everything'. By taking the finest, freshest ingredients and preparing them with the craftsmanship I’ve developed, you will see why I stand above the rest. When you bite into and taste that first morsel of food, you will see why my company is called At first bite! I will serve you nothing but the finest, freshest, highest quality foods to exceed your expectations. I will always leave a lasting impression through my food, service and professionalism. My Bio: I have obtained an undergraduate BS degree, from the University of Kansas. I pursued a degree and worked in the film and television arena for 6 years. In that time as well, I undertook on an acting career and did commercials, independent films and hosted several talk shows. The whole culinary vision came to me, when I sold my very own salsa at a farmer’s market in Kansas City. This led me to pack up my things and head to the Culinary Institute of America in New York, to become a Chef. After an intense 2 ½ years of training, I graduated with an A.O.S degree in Culinary Arts, from the Culinary Institute of America, in August of 2004. During my time at the Culinary, I did an Apprenticeship at the Food Television Network and worked with some of the hottest celebrity chefs. After graduating, I accepted a Fellowship position at the Culinary Institute. After 6 months of intense training, I earned my Post Graduate Teacher’s Assistant Certification. In my spare time, I'm till pursuing my acting endeavors and just got done shooting a 14 episode pilot cooking show and was the spokeswoman for a Culinary Institute of America DVD series. Currently, I just recently launched a personal Chef business, “At First Bite” and still is working on several Cooking show pilot endeavors. :-) :-) :ghost: :-)


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