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Occupation: Office Manager


I am a single mother to one 18 year old daughter (Alicia), four cats (Tiffany, Morgan, Peaches and Patches...RIP Furby), one very friendly, large rottweiler named Dixie, one very tiny chihuahua named Taz, and grandma to little Zavey. We all are currently living in Sacramento, California. Cooking is never a chore for me. It is more like therapy after a day at work. I collect cookbooks and am an avid reader of anything but have a particular love of horror novels. Although I have degree in office management and graduated with a 3.8 GPA, I must be Bake Space's worst spelling member so please excuse me if you notice it in my posts. If you find yourself using one of my recipes as your dinner tonight, please feel free to change it to suit your own tastes. I will not mind in the least. It is what I would do if the recipe were posted by you. Your ideas might be much better then mine and just might make the recipe even better then I thought it was when I posted it. My thoughts on controversial threads: Often (very often), I would wish to post my thoughts and disgust about certain topics just as many others do in forums. I, too, have an opinion most times and would love to blast certain people with them despite the fact that my opinion is just one more in a vast sea of opinions. However; I have learned long ago that my opinion really is just one more opinion and no one really gives a &%$@ what I think about certain topics, so why put myself out there for others to ridicule me for them. There is ALWAYS someone who will. There will ALWAYS be someone that will move heaven and earth to make you see things their way. I am perfectly happy with seeing things my way and it really doesn't matter to me if others don't view things the way I do. Opinions are not facts. They are opinions only and I don't consider them to be a learning tool. They should not be used as one. If anyone wishes to teach me something, then I hope they will do so with good, solid facts. Not with an opinion. Thank you for taking the time to view and read my this page. Your taking that time shows an interest in my ideas and in me as a person and I take that as the greatest compliment possible. I really like this poem! I didn't have potatoes, so I substituted rice. I didn't have paprika, so I used another spice. I didn't have tomato sauce, I used tomato paste; A whole can, not a half can - I don't believe in waste. A friend gave me the recipe; she said you couldn't beat it. There must be something wrong with her, I couldn't even eat it!


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Los Angeles, CA
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Central PA
Hillsdale, NJ
Rockford, IL
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Date: 08/25/07 10:23 PM
I wanted you to know that the Fajitas were a hit...so I left you a Brownie Point... Thanks...Pat
Date: 08/25/07 10:22 PM
I wanted you to know that the Fajitas were a hit...so I left you a Brownie Point... Thanks...Pat
Date: 08/25/07 04:45 PM
Karen, I am happy to give you your first brownie point. I certainly enjoy your recipes; and it's a pleasure having you here.

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